Boudoir <3

Back in the fall I took these boudoir photos and I’ve been dying to share them ever since! I think we can all agree Amanda rocked this session!! Girl you are GORGEOUS! Thanks dear for letting me take your photos! I can’t wait to do it again sometime.

– Mackenzie ❤

** Boudoir photos make an AMAZING Valentine’s Day gift! ❤ Anyone interested in booking a session please send me a message. Photos are always kept TOP SECRET unless sharing permission per individual photo is granted. **


The Frost Family

These six are just the sweetest family. Three girls and now a boy! Chelsea and I took their fall photos a few weeks ago and even though it was a tad windy the photos turned out great! ❤ The fantastic pumpkin idea was all thanks to Chelsea and the girls loved each having their own pumpkin with their age on it! I might need to steal this idea in the future!

Enjoy 🙂

– Mackenzie ❤

The Woods Family

This session was so much fun. I thought we might get washed out by the rain but the weather cleared perfectly! The Woods family was awesome! Ian and Sherry, it is clear that you have an amazing marriage and have raised great kids!! Thanks to Brandon for keeping us entertained!! haha. Chelsea tagged along to this shoot with me and I appreciate it so much (love you girl ❤ ).

Thanks for the fun guys!!

– Mackenzie ❤

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Amanda <3 {Boudoir}

Boudoir.. Wow do I love boudoir photos. Here is a peak from the session I did a few weeks back! There is honestly something so special and empowering about taking photos that are for his eyes only. This was a just because session – that her man LOVED! Also such a great gift idea for any occasion.

Thanks dear for letting me take your photos!

– Mackenzie ❤

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Lauren & Haeden – Engaged! <3

Last week I got together with Lauren and Haeden to capture their engagement. I met them in Miami and we went from there. Lauren had some amazing places planed for photos. We started at the old railroad house right in town and ended up at an amazing old railroad bridge just past town. We even captured perfect photos with their four dogs at home. 🙂 These two are planning their wedding for next fall and I have to say I can’t wait!!! Love you guys, congrats again! and enjoy your beautiful photos.

– Mackenzie ❤

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Ahh! This girl is a beauty!

It’s funny how life works out. A few years ago I would not imagine myself where I am today. I dreamt about taking photos for so many years but always had something in my way, usually my own self doubt (isn’t it the truth that we are all our own worst critics, why is that?) Now here I am with amazing friends that believe in me and support me when I say… ‘You should let me take photos of you today!’ Kelly, you are a gem.

– Mackenzie ❤

Kayla and Levi

These two are the sweetest! Being around them it is clear to see how in love they really are. We took the photos around their farm and in a nearby field. I love the country charm both Kayla and Levi have. Their session was over the top fun it made me so excited for their wedding this winter, I can’t wait! Special thanks to Pierre for helping me out and thank you to Kayla and Levi for trusting me with a camera. ❤

– Mackenzie ❤

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